If you've made your audience feel something, we've done our job.

Horned Melon Productions is a Blackmagic Design certified color grading and post studio based out of Boston.

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“The coloring looked absolutely fabulous and we got much great feedback about it.”

 – Marc Graham



Whether you’re working on a commercial project, a music video, or an independent film, you want your audience to feel something; and creating emotions through color, contrast, pacing, and style requires understanding not just codecs and color spaces, but people and audiences of all stripes.  


Horned Melon Productions brings their experience in writing, political campaigning, and marketing, as well as a broad filmmaking skillset to bear on all of its post-production work—where “storytelling” is a sensibility, not a buzzword.


Our top-notch gear and proficiency in DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 will take your footage to the next level so your story shines. We also provide video editing and production for a wide range of industries and events.